Studio Stroll

We have a full kitchen, snack and drink options. Please plan to bring a lunch.

Students are required to wear appropriate clothing & footwear in the studios: Long hair pulled back, Shoes must be closed toe in the wood, heavy metal, leather or jewelry studio, jewelry must be removed and please no loose flowing clothing.

Yes, during orientation and the weekly studio stroll on Thursdays for weekday workshops and on Saturdays for weekend workshops.

Yes. For Thursdays and Saturdays workshops from 4- 5:30 pm, ESSA holds a Student Studio Stroll reception. Check the ESSA catalog for a full schedule. Students are encouraged to invite family and friends as we celebrate their art work. Refreshments are served and the event is free and open to the public. Students may continue to work in their respective studios or visit other class studios and socialize.

Yes. Instructor and student evaluations are given at the end of each session. We encourage you to be honest and open with your suggestions. Your input helps ESSA continue to grow and deliver high quality workshops.

Orientation for workshops is held at the ESSA Main Campus, 15751 Highway 62W, Eureka Springs, AR, 72632. We hold most workshops here, but some are off-site. Students enrolling in off-site courses will meet at ESSA on the first day of orientation, then caravan to the offsite location. ESSA is located 5.2 miles west of the intersection of Hwy. 23N and Hwy 62W.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the buildings, but there are outdoor designated smoking areas.

ESSA reserves the right to cancel, combine or reschedule workshops, or change workshops and instructors when necessary. If ESSA is forced to cancel a workshop, all registered students will be notified and given the opportunity to register for another workshop within our fiscal year. If a transfer is not possible, students will receive a full refund. ESSA does not reimburse any airline or other travel expenses.

Students are not permitted to have their pets with them while at ESSA. Service animals, according to the US Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act, are permitted. If you require a service animal, it is your responsibility to alert ESSA at the time of registration so that certain modifications can be prepared.

Withdrawal, refund, and transfer

Except for a non-refundable $75.00 deposit / cancellation fee per workshop, tuition payment is refundable if notice of cancellation is received by phone, email or US mail 20 days prior to the beginning of a workshop. No refund can be made after that date due to faculty contracts, material acquisitions and housing and travel agreements. If cancellation occurs within the 20 day period, the tuition payment cannot be applied to a later session and no refunds may be offered. ESSA will not make refunds to students withdrawing after a class has begun. Transfers from one workshop to another are considered on an individual basis. To do so, you must notify ESSA 20 days before the start of your workshop. Failure to attend class or verbal notification will not be regarded as an official notice of withdrawal.

Minimum Age

Students must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for participation in a workshop, with the exception of Family Day or Family Weekend workshops, which are listed on our Events page.

Lodging Recommendations

Please check HERE for a list of recommended accommodations.

Orientation Information

Orientation is at 9:00AM the first day of class and will include a 5 minute presentation by each instructor. Coffee and snacks will be provided and to make up for the hour delay in class time students have to option to extend their day until 5:00pm or later if special arrangements are made with ESSA staff.

Classes start each day at 9:00 and run to 4:00, except for the first day. If a group of students would like to stay until 6:00 ESSA can make arrangements. This is done by asking the teacher and then having the teacher request that the school be open later with the staff. Most accommodations can be made. No student shall work in small metals, iron or leather studios without an instructor present (this means no working early or during lunchtime unless instructor or shop tech is present)

Studio Stroll

Thursdays for weekday workshops and Saturdays for weekend workshops from 4:00-5:30, we host a public reception/studio stroll. Students are to be available in the studio to visit about their art work. The students are welcome to create the displays in their studios. Often teachers and students leave work in progress out and the tools that are used to create the work. Name plates can be made, check with staff.


These will be distributed to the participants and the teachers on the last day of class. These need to be returned to ESSA staff prior to the end of the session. This is how we learn and grow as an organization and we are grateful for your responses.

Materials Fee

In some cases, material fees have been included in the cost of the workshop, which is indicated in the workshop listing.  If additional materials or material fees are required, ESSA and/or your instructor will provide you with additional information prior to your workshop. In some cases, material fees may be paid directly to your instructor, or you may be asked to purchase some materials from other sources.

Clean Up

Instructors and students are expected to leave the studio in the same condition as they found it.

  • All tools returned to original storage locations
  • Tools identified and placed on anvils (metals only)
  • Floor swept
  • Water buckets emptied (if applicable)
  • Please do your part to keep ESSA green, Please refrain from overusing paper towels etc.

Personal Property Policy

ESSA is not responsible for the security of property belonging to students and does not provide insurance covering such property.

Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol is not permitted in the studios. The legal drinking age in Arkansas is 21. The use of illegal drugs while at ESSA is prohibited. We cannot tolerate behavior that jeopardizes your safety or the safety of others.

Unacceptable Behavior

ESSA reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any student who has demonstrated disruptive behavior in a previous class. Tuition refunds will not be issued if a student is asked to leave class for disruptive behavior. Students are expected to be respectful of instructors and other students. Students should listen carefully and be courteous when the instructor is teaching or demonstrating. Students should respect tools and artwork that belong to other students.