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Summer 2024 Ceramics Artist in Residence

Join us for the 2024 Ceramics Artist in Residence Reception on Saturday, June 15th from 12 – 5:30 pm

ESSA is proud to annouce our Summer of 2024 Ceramics Artists In Residence, Peggy Lee Roadifer and Elaina Michalski. Peggy and Elaina will be staying on the ESSA campus and working between the dates of May 1st through June 15th, with an artist reception and sale on Saturday June 15th. 

Without further adieu, meet our 2024 Summer Ceramics in Residence:

Elaina Michalski

Elaina works primarily with clay to create figurative sculptures of women, children, and youth. In works ranging from small fired works to life-size unfired clay installations in public spaces, she explores ideas about family relationships, spirituality, and vulnerable people.

As a Kansas City native, growing up in the “City of Fountains” has influenced her work by the many figurative and decorative elements of the local architecture. 

The artwork of Elaina Michalski6

Peggy Lee Roadifer

Peggy fell in love with pottery making the first time she saw an artist throwing a pot on the wheel.

My work is all about functionality and affordability and making beautiful pieces that can be used and enjoyed by everyone. I love teaching and sharing my passion. Pottery making provides healing, nurturing energy and a self-absorbed time for reflection. Let’s get our hands dirty, play in the mud, and create something beautiful together.”

The artwork of Peggy Lee Roadifer​

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2024 Woodworking Mentorship with Doug Stowe

Join us for the 2024 Woodworking Reception on Saturday, June 29th, from 12 PM – 5:30 PM

ESSA put out a call looking for practicing woodworkers and craftspeople seeking focused time to refine their abilities, create new work, and expand their knowledge in a Mentored Residency under Master Woodcrafter, Doug Stowe. ESSA has chosen seven candidates to participate in this once in a life time mentorship! Details on the artists coming soon. 

About Doug Stowe:

Doug Stowe, a veteran woodworker based in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, has dedicated over 45 years to his craft. Alongside his extensive woodworking experience, he’s renowned for his 15 books and over 90 articles published in leading woodworking publications like Fine Woodworking and Woodwork.

Doug’s journey began in 1976, leading him to co-found the Eureka Springs Guild of Artists and Craftspeople in 1977. Later, in 1998, he played a pivotal role in establishing the Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

In 2001, Doug initiated the Wisdom of the Hands Program, demonstrating the educational value of woodworking. His contributions earned him recognition as an Arkansas Living Treasure in 2009. Today, Doug shares his expertise through teaching woodworking classes while continuing to write and create in his forest workshop alongside his wife, Jean.

Website: Doug Stowe – Woodworker

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Lisa Crews and Stefani Christianson Ceramics Artist in Residence July 2023​

Lisa Crews (Paragould, AR) has been honing her skills working with clay for over forty years. She studied ceramics at Arkansas State University (BFA), Memphis State University, and the University of Delaware, in addition to teaching art in public schools for ten years. She utilizes art to convey her thoughts and feelings, peculiar observations, and her sense of humor. Her work is inspired by nature, the human condition, and our place in the world, and she considers herself to be a contemporary folk artist. 

Stefani Christianson (Hindsville, AR) has studied ceramics and pottery since 2014. Stefani approaches her work with unplanned designs where she then channels and creates completely in the moment having no expectations for the end results. As an artist, she tends to work in the round so that the eye continues from one thing to another, then to the bottom where you can find her unique artist mark. She wants her viewers to experience complete gratitude, fully understanding and appreciating the little things that this world has to offer.

Website: Stefani Christianson | Instagram (

For more information on Lisa Crew's and Stefani Christianson's 2023 Ceramics Residency, read the blog post below:

Group of interested people looking at ceramics artwork

Eureka Springs School of the Arts 2023 Ceramics Residency Reception The Eureka Springs School of the Arts held a reception […]


Alyssa Zimmerman and Hana Maufe Ceramics Artist in Residence December 2022

Alyssa Zimmerman Headshot ESSA 2023

Alyssa Zimmerman

Alyssa (Eureka Springs, AR) received her BFA from Millersville University of Pennsylvania in 2015. She moved to Eureka Springs further exploring the possibilities of ceramic through thrown and handbuilt pieces. Her areas of interest are thrown and altered pieces, glazing, and figurative sculpture.

Website: Alyssa Zimmerman | Instagram (@azimmermanceramics)

Photos from Alyssa and Hana's Closing Reception:

Ash Atterberry Ceramics Artist in Residence October 2022

Images from Ash's Closing Reception on October 9th, 2022

Carroll County News October 4, 2022 in Lifestyle The Eureka Springs School of the Arts has announced an art show […]

Ash Atterbery

Ash Atterberry is a ceramic artist currently working out of Nashville, TN. While leaving evidence of her hand, she uses surface to tell tales through imagery, patterns, and bold, slightly wavered lines. Many of her narratives and ideas come from things she habitually looks at and the emotions they elicit. Influenced by nature, music, and the places she has spent time, her work appears folk and timeless.

Website: Ash Atterberry | Handwings Ceramics


Dana Finimore

Dana (Mountain View, AR) earned a BFA and MFA at Memphis College of Art. She is currently a Professor of Art at NWCC and a Teaching Artist at Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Mobile Museum of Art, Mississippi Craftsman’s Guild, Arkansas Craft School, and Art Place Mississippi. Dana has enjoyed a diverse career path as a visual artist. Her work as an artist includes printmaking, painting, clay, and small metals.



Robert Dancik

Robert (Seymour, CT) is an artist/educator/author and developer of materials for artists. His work can be seen in numerous books, publications, museum and private collections around the world. Robert has taught for over 30 years working with students from kindergarten to graduate school as well as teaching workshops across the US and abroad.



Sara Doremus

Sarah Doremus lives in Deer Isle, Maine in a house up a mile-long dirt driveway that her wife, Linda and she bought because it fulfilled her most important housing requirement: It is private enough to hang laundry naked. She was trained as a sculptor but  after college in a metalsmithing studio and her work has since been jewelry sized. Sarah produces work for galleries and private clients and teaches workshops around the country (including Penland, Peter’s Valley, Arrowmont, and more). Her work is held in private and public collections, has been included on blogs and in publications, and has been part of numerous shows.  The bulk of her time is devoted to teaching art at two rural Maine elementary schools, where her work often takes the form of collaboration with 8 year olds.


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