Sword and Shield Project
with Louis Allen
May 30-31 (2 day weekend)
$60 All materials included.

As a pair, you and your child or grandchild will create a child sized sword and shield, attach leather handles, build a wall display hanger, and lay out a design and paint your shield with the decoration of your choice, such as your family colors or heraldry symbols.

Louis (Rockaway Beach, MO) is a wheelwright, wainwright, master carpenter and toy maker. He is a portly, bearded man that likes making toys for children around Christmas time (….sound familiar???). He learned to make his own toys as a child from his father who, despite being blind, was proof that if there is a job to be done, you find a way to do it. Louis has built sets and props, and you can see some of his work – such as a 42’ tall chicken or a 16’ dog – in Branson, MO.