Marty Coulter

Painting & Drawing

Marty Coulter (Washington, MO) is an architectural illustrator and artist. Marty attended college at Art Center in Los Angeles and Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis. His education began as a summer job that became a career in architectural illustration. He has spent the last 8 years painting landscapes outdoors.

Mary Patrick


Mary (Everton, MO) enjoys many forms of art – from Indian beadwork, to basketry, to spinning and weaving rugs and mosaic glass work. She has decorated her home with full walls of mosaic glass.

Mary Springer

Painting & Drawing

Mary Springer (Eureka Springs, AR) is both a sculptor and a painter with a BFA from the Memphis College of Art. She has taught and attended many workshops in different artistic disciplines and spiritual philosophies (including five trips to India to study with Satha Sai Baba) and a trip to France to study painting with Robert Baxter and Anne Tomlyn Rothe. In addition, she studied figure painting with Philip Pearlstein at the Corcoran in Washington, D.C.

Maureen Alexander


Maureen Alexander (Eureka Springs, Arkansas). Maureen has called Eureka Springs home for over 10 years and has been creating stained glassworks for over 30 years. She explains that mosaics give her the freedom to create the images in her mind easier than traditional stained glass.

Richard Stephens

Painting & Drawing

Richard Stephens is a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 1969 with a degree in art.During the past few years Stephens has enjoyed success by winning awards in numerous watercolor shows and competitions around the country.

Sam Davis


Sam (Berryville, AR) is a lifelong woodworker and retired educator. Originally trained as a cabinetmaker, he takes a hybrid approach to custom furniture design and lamp work in his workshop near Eureka Springs.

Spencer Meagher

Painting & Drawing

Spencer Meagher (Mt. Vernon, IL) is a plein air and studio painter whose subjects focus on our contemporary world. Spencer has won awards in many regional and national shows and he was a recently featured artist in Plein Air Magazine.

Steve Palmer


Steve Palmer is a juried member of the best of Missouri hands artisan association & currently designs and builds custom furniture.

Tim Tyler

Painting & Drawing

Tim Tyler (Bella Vista, AR) is a contemporary artist who has been inspired by the Old Masters. Tyler’s skills and technical ability to achieve high levels of realism are impressive, yet it is his visual wit, use of satire and clever method of social commentaries that he weaves into his compositions that elevate his works above practicing realist artists. Tyler has a distinctive career and has received honorable recognition for his work in the arts, such as the late Charles Banks Wilson.